Chase Gregory is a Ph.D. candidate in Literature and a Dissertation Fellow of Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies at Duke University, with training in feminist studies, queer theory, popular culture studies, and twentieth-century US literature and culture. Her dissertation, Reading and Writing As/if: Literary Criticism and Identity, will be defended March 15, 2019. In it, she argues that the moment in which queer theory emerges in the academy—a moment overshadowed by the specter of AIDS—produced a new mode of criticism that simultaneously disrupts and employs commonly held notions of identity in order to make space for more ambiguous ways of critical reading and writing.

Chase is the author of multiple peer-reviewed articles tackling various topics, all of which find common ground in their queer and feminist commitments and methodology. Her latest publication, “Critics on Critics: Queer Bonds” is forthcoming in the December 2018 issue of GLQ, and she has published two other articles, one on Monique Wittig’s lesbian science fiction novel Les Guérilléres for Feminist Spaces (2016), and one on queer theory’s anti-social thesis and comics for Comics Studies Journal (2012).

She currently resides in Durham, North Carolina.